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Wizardry Legacy

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Editor Menu

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The editor is composed of a main menu that can be accessed with keys from F1 to F8. Each key spawn a wizardry menu that works like an in game menu with the arrows and the select and cancel keys. You cannot jump between menus with arrows like it could be done in windows.

Here is the layout of the menu, shortcut are written in parenthesis (The menu is currently incomplete)

  • F1-File
    • Load Adventure: Not yet working
    • Save Adventure: Not yet working
    • Exit: Return to the game
  • F2-Tool
    • Tile (1): Switch in tile mode
    • Corridor (2): Switch in corridor mode
    • Rectangle (3): Switch in rectangle mode
    • Area (4): Switch in area mode
  • F3-Texture
  • F4-View
    • Full (9): Show the whole map of the floor on the screen using smaller squares.
    • Maze (0): Go into the maze starting at cursor location facing north.
  • F5-Layers
  • F6-Error
  • F7-Data
  • F8-Event
    • Mark Event (+=): Select an event in the database to hook at this location
    • Unmark Event (-_): Remove event from that location.

Rectangle and Area Tool Menu

The rectangle and area tool has a menu that is summoned after selecting the desired area. This menu will allow you to perform various operation with the area you have selected.

  • Make a room: Will surround the selected area with a wall to make a room with the selection.
  • Set a Filling: Will set a certain maze filling (ex: poison gas) of your choice in the non solid area inside the selection.
  • Set as Magic Bounce: The selected area will be set as magic bound and will prevent for example players to teleport there.
  • Set as Light: The selected areas will use maximum light level when displayed.
  • Change Palette: Change the texture palette of the selected area.
  • Set Masked Floor Texture: Change the overlay of the floor texture in the selected area. Ideal for swamp areas for example.
  • Set Masked Ceiling Texture: Same as the above but for ceiling.
  • Delete: Delete everything in the selected area and set to solid again.
  • Remove Special and Fillings: Will remove all special effects in an area like light, magic bounce and maze fillings. But will keep the maze intact.
  • Do Nothing: Does absolutely nothing.Allow exiting the menu.

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