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Basic Interface

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Here is what the main interface look like. The screenshot below is not the final version of the tool and will eventually change.

Menu: On the top you have the menu which is accessed through the F1 to F8 keys. When the menu is summoned, it works like a menu in the game with the select and cancel keys. Some menu items have keyboard shortcuts. (Menu detail can be found here )

Map: ON the left side of the screen, you have the map. The map display 25x25 squares of the floor which is 100x100 squares wide. The numbers are the coordinates of the map. If you did some mapping in the old wizardry, you should be familiar with those coordinates. The bottom left corner display the level number where B2 = basement 2, F3 = floor 3 and RC = ground floor.

The map will contain various icons of various color. The color will normally indicate the type of element it will represent. For example, blue icons will represent events, while white, black and gray stuff represent the structure of the maze. Refer to the icon list for the details. It is possible to show or hide some of the information on the map through the layer menu.

Control keys: The first line a the bottom of the map display the control keys to navigate. These keys will changes according to where you are in the editor. For example, when in a menu, the menu controls will be selected.

Tool mode and keys: The last line will display the mode you are currently in which is in fact the currently active tool. The name of the tool and the keys to control the tool will be displayed.

Tile Preview: On the top right section of the screen, you can see what the tile at the cursor location looks like. It only show the walls around this tile only, and does not project further in the maze. The facing is always north, and the back wall is displayed at the bottom.

Palette Preview: The currently selected palette can be seen on the right under the tile preview. You can see the wall, floor and ceiling texture that will be applied to all new drawings.

Event Summary: On the bottom of the right column, you see a summary of the event on that tile if available. It will show you the trigger, lock, pass and fail event as an if-then-else format.

Navigation keys

When working on the map, the following keys can be used to navigate whatever the tool your are using.

Arrows (Up-Down-Left-Right): Allow moving the cursor through the maze without editing anything.

Page UP - Page Down: Allows to change floor in the maze. There can be up to 20 floors in the maze.

Delete: This will delete the tile where the cursor is located and set it back to solid.

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