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Like any painting software, you will use various tools to be able to draw your maze. Each time you change your tool, the name of the tool is displayed at the bottom and the shape of your cursor change. So this is a way to know which tool you are currently using. There are currently 4 tools available, more can be added eventually.

Tile Tool

The tile tool allow to edit each tile individually. It is generally useful to edit specific details that only occurs on a specific tile like decorations or events.

ASDW: This is the left side arrow keys. They make you change the wall in the direction you are pushing. For example, A will change the left wall, while W will change top wall. The wall will cycle as the following: Grid -> Door -> Empty -> Wall -> Grid. Simply push the key the number of time you need.

Remember that in a thin maze structure, each tile on each side of the same wall must have the same information, else you'll end up with 1 sided doors for example. Eventually and error checking tool will allow you to find these errors. For more information about thin walls, check here.

Corridor Tool

This tool allow you to dig through the solid area and create corridor while moving. This would be much more complicated to do with the tile tool.

ASDW: The left arrow keys allows you to dig into the direction you are pushing. Moving with the regular arrows will not create corridors. So you can reposition yourself with the right arrows, and dig with the left arrows.


This is the first selection tool. Selection tool allows you to select an area and then applying a modification to the area trough a menu. For more information about the tool menu, check over here. The rectangle tool simply make rectangular selections.

Z: This key will start the selection and setup a flag. Then use the right arrow keys to grow your selection.

R: When your selection is ready, press this key to summon the tool menu and chose the operation to perform.

X: Clears the current selection


This is a second selection too that allows to create a non rectangular selection. It simply "paint" the tiles you want to modify allowing any shape.

Z: As for the rectangle, this key will start the selection process.

ASDW: The left arrow keys will select the tiles the cursor will move in. Allowing you so select an area of any shape you want.

R: This key will summon the menu that will affect the whole selection.

X: This key will clear the selection.

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