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This section contains all the release notes since the beginning of the project (which include the old version from 8 years ago). Each time a new release is made, the milestones in the Road Map section will be transcribed here. To get a more accurate view of the current status of the project, look at the issue list on gitlab.

Version 0.7 (In progress, expected in 2021)

This version is a massive refactoring of the old game. Almost the whole project will have been revised or retouched. There will be almost no stone left unturned. The major upgrade will be the new user interface that will be easier to handle making the development of new features in the future much more convenient. many of the stuff below has been extracted from Gitlab, or is just a cleanup of the old backlog.

DoneAdventuresAdventures will not have any assets anymore. Each adventure will be composed of only 2 files, the database and the maze. Making them easier to manipulate without the archiving tool
PartialAssetsMassive reduction of the assets to the bare minimum. No more portrait, class pictures, Hexen/heretic textures are removed. Many texture still requires validation and I will be seeking replacements for the audio and eventually the monsters.
DoneAssetsDatafile system has been remade to make it easier to access the assets. Now assets can be accessed with their names which reduces the possibility of error if the assets change position in the datafile.
DoneConfigurationThe number of option parameters has been masively reduced as many game feature has been removed. The difficulty settings will be stored separately in the save game which will also be massively reduced.
DoneGeneralTry to make the code compilable with Cmake or supply a makefile for easy building by the user (currently distribute project files, easier for me). It works but there could still be adjustments to make.
PartialInternalThere could be ways to simplify the dependency of header structure by making all .h file have duplicate protection, remove the group header files and put more stuff private to modules (Plain C refactoring indirectly does that)
PartialInterfaceI simplified and recoded the title screen and the main(). many features like the artgallery has been removed. Certain feature remains to code like the option screen
PartialInterfaceThe Wizardry User Interface (WUI) has been created and redesigned as a text only system. So everything including borders has been only implemented as text. I had to design my own fonts. I am using a Entity Component System for the first time. There are other neat features like colored characters, text wrapping, etc.
PartialInterfaceThe WUI is composed of dialogs like menu, list , questions, etc. A portion of the dialogs are available, but some are missing like options and distributors.
DoneInterfaceAn important upgra for me in the WUI is that the instructions are now part of the window frames which removes the need to manually position instruction on the screen all the time and have tons of inconsistencies.
DoneInternalI have rebuilt the initialisation routines to clean up the start up process and make it easier to understand and to avoid segfault. The results is almost the same as the original but easier to maintain.
DoneMazeNot sure, could be a bit too late, but maybe encapsulate some mazetile operations into a series of C methods to make it more convenient to read ans modify the maze
In ProgressSystemMassive refractorisation: There is a lot of code duplication and optimization that could be done. I could even un-c-plus-plus-ify the code and make it only ansi C.
DoneSystemUse the Allegro configuration system to save any game option parameter required by the game. This allow the options to be stored in a human readable file.
DoneDesignI seperated the difficulty settings in another configuration that will be saved in game. There will still be difficulty adjustment, but there will be much less options and will be stored in the save game. The goal is not to disable "features" (A.K.A Annoyances) of Wizardry to break the game experience but just make progress faster/slower. Also because city upgrades would allow mitigating those negative effects, so they must remain in the game.
DoneTexturesThe texture palette has been simplified. There is not any more patches that can be combined to create maze textures. The textures comes as they are.
DoneVideoI have simplified the video resolution and screen system. There will be only 1 screen layout and it's 640x480. Not only it's the most standard video mode making it very compatible, but it's also eaiser to manage as there is no more subbuffers anymore with floating windows.

Version 0.6 (January 2018)

This version update does not add much besides fixing bugs and preparing the code to be uploaded on gitlab to make the distribution and compilation easier. Making easier for other programmers to contribute. I think I should try next to focus on creating an adventure. This way, if I stop working of ther project, at least it will be playable.

DoneGeneralA few fix in the editor, made wrappers for allegro depreciated textout methods and fixed bugs after enabling warnings. (don't ask me why they were disabled)

Version 0.5 (February 2015)

This update focus more on the rules of the game. The major addition is the use of spells, active effects and monster special attacks which are disguised spells. There is now a new set of 12 weapons and items can now have elements and another modifications. Some upgrade has been made to the SQL system by using a table of variables instead of class variables, and with the new StringField which makes Human readable bitfield (Or non-computer geek readable).

DoneDatabaseMake a no variable SQL object where varables are contained within the SQL object. Will allow hybrid system in same program.
DoneEffectsAdd spells to the database (the spell selection is done)
DoneDatabaseConvert bitfields as StringFields in EnhancedSQLObject.
DoneEffectsImplement the resolution and display of the various active status effects (still trying to define status, thinking to use non generic status for more flexibility )
DoneWeaponsRedesign weapon templates with a 12 template and special abilities for each of them. Reallocate weapon profiencies and PCS and MCS to classes.
DoneInterfaceEnhance add query to at least menu and lists by using query variables.
DoneDatabaseTry to remove the need of an SQL reading loop. Maybe would need callback to completely remove.
DoneSpellsAttack, heal and active effects.
DoneCombatDefense system for spells and weapons, give target various defense types
DoneClassRemoved initiative, now applied to actions, and change some stats for the new Melee and Range Combat skills. Spell and Combat progression now use the level of the character.
DoneCityCure and revival at the temple now working
DoneItemsAdded effect tables to have a set of stats bonus and elemental effect or resistance that Items can have.
DonePartyUpdated the party bar to include more info and conditions with kaomoji.
DoneEffectsImplement spells
DoneEffectsStatus condition that changes the rules of the game for a character (ex: sleep -> cannot attack)
DoneMonstersMonster Special attack. They are actually spells with new effects.
DoneMonstersRedesign monster tables with new data
DoneMonstersIntegrate Character monsters in the game.

Version 0.4 (March 2014)

I want to update the maze engine and make it load itself from the adventure. I might be working on the maze editor to get the minimum needed to create a maze. It will also change my mind from the rule stuff and might make me program longer. After this update it could be possible to design simple maze, adventures and be able to finish the game and see the ending.

DoneInterfaceMake a picture browser to select textures and character pictures (if the texture palette editor is made)
DoneMazeEnhance the maze engine by redefining the data structure by using Maze palettes for textures.
DoneAdventureRedefine the adventure file structure, make a script to create the adventure and load maze from the adventure. Allow saving maze and adventure too.
DoneCampSearch function to enable events trigered by search
DoneMazeDesign commonly used Maze events to allow creation of basic adventures (only a small portion will be done)
DoneEditorWork on the map editor to be able to easily create mazes
DoneEditorTexture palette editor for the maze
DoneEditorFinish Sidebar Info and add other functionalities to the editor which are essential for basic editing.
DoneMaze-EditorMake a texture loading system and make the appropriate transition for the maze and the editor when loading the palette.
DoneEventImplement demo event to be used in the editor with a fake party.
DoneEncounterUse the maze area information to make the monster selection for battles. (was waiting for the new maze structure)
DoneEncounterDefine the encounter system to determine how monsters are selected and how event battles are setup
DoneMazeSupport multiple entrances with the possibility to unlock entrances during the game.
DoneInterfaceAllow partial support for Widescreen type display by using a floating party bar (There are no floating party bar, bur rather a party frame.
DoneCharactersAdd pictures to characters. See for portrait in RPG maker sites. (Using wiz 8 portraits, for party frame)
DoneInterfaceDesign a party bar on the side to be used in with widescreen resolutions.
DoneMaze-EditorMaybe try to have a map display during the game. Need a mapping system that uncover the map while playing to prevent the player to manually map the level. (See Dark Spire method ) Map exploration memorised in game during progress as a non-walled display
DoneDatafileConvert all data files into script generated datafiles
DoneCombatAdd support for unidentified creatures
DoneInterfaceAdd a picture smoothing library to unpixelize monsters and maze objects when zoomed in the game
DoneGalleryRemake the gallery when the new datafiles are ready
DoneMazeRedefine Texture and object database. Allow to use pictures which are smaller than 256x256 (this cannot be avoided by redesigning the maze structure)
DoneDatafileRemake all the datafile with a more complete texture and object list
DoneAdventureRevise story text system for new structure. Using the database entries and a text file for the credits.
DoneAdventureSupport the loading of subdatafile in the advententure for custom content. Currently only loading story picture subdatafile.
DoneMusicMake a random music table to have different song in various areas from a game to another to avoid monotony.
DoneSoundReimplement sound samples and make a new selection in the datafile
DoneSystemMakes a zero configuration system, when everything runs by default without a setup tool allow to change a few things in the game. This is done by using standard 640x480 resolution and digimid for music.

Version 0.3 ( April 2013)

DoneDatafilesMade a data file reference system that simplifies referencing an load script created datafiles
DoneMonstersCreate Monster and template tables and add classes to support the data
DoneActionsCreate an action table and class to manage the data
DoneInterfaceImplement a memory log system that will be mostly used in battle and also the window to display the info
DoneActionsCreate an generic action system for camp and combats
DoneRewardsBattles now gives exp and gold reward
DoneCityCharacters can now be leveled up at the city
DoneSystemAdded a system log to mainly manage message in battles.
DoneEffectsImplement data structure and corresponding classes to manage spells and active effects (But won't really be used and tested)
DoneMonstersAdd the first set of monsters in the database excluding special attacks
DoneCombatOpponent class should manage the compilation and stacking of stats to be used in battle
DoneActionsImplement AI actions routines and test them in battle
DoneActionsImplement attack action
DoneCharacterManage character death in and party annihilation
DoneWindowTranslucent windows and party bar during the maze

Version 0.2 (July, 2012)

This is the start of the new remake of the game after the project has been abandoned for 8 years. There is not much new features regarding game play since I had to deconstruct the game and reprogram some stuff. Here are the main features.

  • Implementation of SQLite. The game now runs on SQLite, so I made a wrapper class for the library, I converted all data objects to be compatible with the new library and I had to reprogram almost all user interfaces.
  • Improvement to user interface engine: There has been minor improvements to the menu system, and there is now the distributor interface that allows players to assign their stats. Other interfaces like image selector and data list are planned to be made in future release.
  • Massive Game Simplification: The game system has been simplified in 2 different areas: First the rules of the game will be much more simple and closer to the D&D rule system. Second, the complexity of the game has been reduced. For example, you do not have user account, there is only 1 maze and 1 city per adventure, etc.

Version 0.1.6 (March 1st, 2006)

  • There is not much new stuff, it is more a recompilation and repackaging to rerelease the game that was not available for a long time.
  • Some little functionality has been added to the map editor, but it is really minimal.
  • Since the Database is now available as a stand alone library, I decided to remove the database file and use the external library.

Version 0.1.5 (July 16th, 2004)

  • Party manipulation works correctly. You can now quit a game from a maze and start back at the same position. When you party is out in a city or in a maze you cannot disband it. You need to use a special city command Retire Party to send back party in reserve. When your party is defeated. It stay lost in the maze. There will be a destroy party command to destroy lost parties you do not want to recuperate.
  • Most combat features works corretly. Fight and parry command are functional and you earn reward for combat. You can also run from battles and your combat range is affected by your weapon.
  • Rules has been changed again, there are now more simple and look closer to the original Wizardry ( Dungeon & Dragons ). Without losing the features I wanted.
  • Class system has been implemented and adapted to the new rule system. There won't be any class creation system yet.

Version 0.1.1 (May 9th, 2004)

  • This is a small version update. I have definitely destroyed the string class and replace it with char tables. I have also corrected a few bug and it now compiles better on all OS.

Version 0.1.0 (April 28th, 2004)

  • Restructuration of the file system. The game datafiles are now in separates files in it's own directory to facilate changes. A series of sub directories have been made to shorten the root filelist. There is a subdir for adventure, savegame, datafile, and other. In the future, you will have to unzip with path options ( for dos users ).
  • Roofless maze is now optionaly supported on the 1st level of the maze. You can now set a starting location in the maze ( other than 0, 0, 0 ). The maze width is now variable and the maximum width is extended to 100x100 instead of 50x50. Finaly, maze support see-through wall. It use the wall Masked texture. The event information is also loaded from a database in the adventure file.
  • Redesiged all Item and race information according to new rules.
  • Party now has a physical location and load the appropriate city. Maze can load itself from the adventure and warping from cities to cities to maze works.
  • Adventure loading and registering works perfectly. Cities are generated from adventure info maze are also generated with their save values saved.
  • The showing of the Intro Story, Ending Story and Credits works.
  • The structure of the adventure datafile has been defined, from now on we will be able to use the information from the adventure.
  • The combat engine partialy works. Must wait implementation of rules to continue. Encounter Engine Partialy Work. It can select monsters from a list according to various parameters. NPC encounter and BOSS encounter does not work.
  • Race creation partially works. Special abilities are not implemented and you cannot add theses races in a new game. Exportation and importation is still missing.

Version 0.0.8 (October 1st, 2003)

  • The game now support and sell accessories and expandables. The monster list will all their stats have also been created and they will be used for combat.
  • New maze texture, monster images, fonts and a few other thing has been added to the datafile.
  • Game windows can now optionaly be textured or colored.
  • You can now view the stats of the character's equipment and the current combat stats of the character according to the many modifiers.
  • Additional character feature like : Level up, Equipping restriction ( attribute requirement and cursed items ) and the possibility to change the name of your character and the implementation of fighting style.
  • Some races now possess some special abilities like dark vison, natural armor and some other have natural resistance to special health wound ( poison, desease, doom, etc ). Still, some abilities are not effective yet.

Version 0.0.7 (July 30th, 2003)

  • The player, character and all the game data is saved in a savefile for each for each game.
  • You can now create games and player account. The list is also saved on disk.
  • The game has now been modified to work with the database.
  • The database has been programmed, including all it's required tool, it will soon be linked with the game.

Version 0.0.6 (march 20th, 2003)

  • Setup program is now imbedded with the program and works perfectly.
  • A lot of new images and sound are now available in the game.
  • The maze has been rebuilt from head to tails. It now possess much more features and possibilities compared to the old maze structure. ( Light, room objects, special events, etc. And also a cool teleporter effect.
  • The demo maze design is a self explainable tutorial in itself.

Version 0.0.5 (December 13th, 2002)

  • The game configuration is saved on disk
  • The list engine is working and it will be primarily used for the art Gallery. All the equipment class are available.
  • The art Gallery is working perfectly. Music and monster are now accessible.
  • I have created a new window system which make interface programming much more easier with the ability to easily draw windows one upon the other.
  • City now possess functional Inn and Weapon/Armor Shop.

Version 0.0.4 (June 21st, 2002)

  • Many Internal change including change to string class and the addition of my own random number generation class.
  • Almost complete character creation.

Version 0.0.3 (may 27th, 2002)

  • Maze door and field ( poison gas, darkness, fog ) implementation.
  • Floors and ceiling are now drawn, uncluding specials
  • Stairs, exits and teleporter works in the maze

Version 0.0.2 (may 23rd, 2002)

  • Option menu engine now implemented for option screen.
  • Camp menu with character inspection works perfectly
  • Players option menu has been implemented.
  • Make character creation section.

Version 0.0.1 (?Somewhere After March 14th, 2002?)

  • The data base class have been made but not all the functionalities have been implemented. There are still a few classes missing.
  • The maze engine works perfectly but there are still many thing to add ( like doors, stairs, etc )
  • Basic city engine works but not any building has implemented.
  • Menu engine works perfectly.
  • Maze engine now display Party class information

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