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This page list the things to do. It does not include all the details, but rather the general features that must be implemented. I keep a personal paper log of details that needs to be fixed. Eventually, there will be a bug tracking system installed on this site to keep track of user's bug. This will also become a lit of things to do.

According to the pattern of the last releases, there is a new release every year where one of them focus on the technical aspect of the game while the other focus on the gameplay aspect of the game.

Planned for the next release (v 0.6)

I am not quite sure yet on what I want to focus. I am thinking going for my first adventure. It would be mostly data editing and patching up some missing features from the game to make a basic adventure runs correctly. We will see.

Development for Future Release

This is some development left behind for the future.

PartialSpellsUtility spells (ex: Dumapic, Malor, etc) not related to maze events.
PartialPictureFormat the new texture from davegh.com and artwork from Thalzon for character and NPC. See for icons (optional) on RPG maker. Make a new selection to reduce the archive size for loading and distribution.
PartialMazeRe-enable support of maze objects using scaling ratio and anchor points.
To doActionsImplement character class passive and active skills. Wait near the end for skill system.
To doQuestIntegrate a quest/reward system that players can complete. Random quest and story quest system.
To doEditorMake a database editor specially designed for wizardry to make data editing easier
To doInterfaceAdd True Type Font Support with optional Anti-Aliasing (will require a special library.)
To doItemsCould implement, poisons to place on weapons, cursed items.
To doGeneralWizardrypedia: A way to show database information directly form the game (not much important)
To doMazeImplement sky area with dithering of depth to gray fog.
To doEditorCheck for maze errors and database entry inconsistencies.
To doCityAdd background images to city locations and make windows translucent to see through. (need artwork first)
To doMazeAdd maze area information like name, sky, music, etc, other than textures. Could have transition, or optional transition when entering new area.
To doEditorImplement the management of masked textures definition and placement.
To doEditorImplement the management of objects definition and placement.
To doGeneralTry to make the code compilable with Cmake or supply a makefile for easy building by the user (currently distribute project files, easier for me)
To doCityLoad the city configuration from the database so that the adventure can defile the layout of the city and show or hide certain services for the adventure.
To doEventsWild area events. For events that are going to be reused in multiple areas, maybe you could have an area id 99 that will be used for all areas. It will avoid duplicating events but reduce the availability of event numbers (maybe already done, check it out)
To doChestCreate chest system with treasures, unlocking and traps and could also be reused in the maze with events. (Somewhat requires class skill to inspect and unlock theses. There are still spells that can do the job)
To doEventsImplements some other key events like boss, long text, riddles, chest and traps according to the new features available in this version
To doItemsGive them active and or passive effects.
to doMazeApply maze area effects.
To doArtworkTry extracting againg wizardry 8 icons and other stuff.
To doPartyNeed to update the Party Frame with emoticon for the active effects
To doEffectsNeed to implement irregular effect
To doSpellsUtility spells related to maze event (DESTO, CALFO, etc)
To doMonsterFinish Designing monsters and special attacks/abilities
To doAINeed to define a few artificial intelligence actions when new monster structure will be made
To doDatabaseadd some default data to template adventure like Textures, items, characters, etc.
To doAdventureMight try start working on first adventure "Goblinoid Mountain" to have something to play.
To doItemsAdd usable abilities, especially for expandables
To doMonsterDesign NPC stats with extra humanoid pictures available.

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