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Active Effect List

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Under Construction

Designer Notes


  • I wonder if I should keep a strict list of status effect, like 2 per attribute and type. Or should I have an infinity of status effects. See status effect vs Active effect discussion thread. Having a fixed list is more restrained, but it is easier for the player to identify the status, and find a solution for it. It also promotes reusability and player can remember the effects without going into the documentation or having to display condition information.


Information copied from the old source code to analyse:

Type of disability which should be considered as real status condition instead of active effects. Irregular effects should simply be an extra field:

 { "Dta", "Disable Targeting" },
  { "Dac", "Disable Actions" },
  { "Dsp", "Disable Spell Casting" },
  { "Dsk", "Disable Skills" },
  { "Rdt", "Random Target" },
  { "Rda", "Random Action" },
  { "Rdf", "Random Friend" },
  { "Rdi", "Random Insane Action" },
  { "Fps", "Fail Physical Saves" },
  { "Fms", "Fail Mental Saves" },
  { "Fdo", "Fail Dodge" },
  { "Fat", "Fail Attacks" },
  { "Rdm", "Reduce Damage" },
  { "Rmd", "Reduce Magick Damage" },
   { "Idt", "Irregular Disable Targeting" },
   { "Ida", "Irregular Disable Action" },
   { "Ids", "Irregular Disable Spell" },
   { "Idk", "Irregular Disable Skill" },
   { "Irt", "Irregular Random Target" },
   { "Ira", "Irregular Random Action" },
   { "Irf", "Irregular Random Friend" },
   { "Iri", "Irregular Random Insane" },
   { "Ifa", "Irregular Fail Action" },
   { "Ird", "Irregular Reduce Dmg" },
   { "Irm", "Irregular Reduce Mdmg" }

Types of status to determine how to cure. Certain status could be stronger requiring more powerfull casting level.

  1. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_BODY 1
  2. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_BLOOD 2
  3. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_SOUL 3
  4. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_NEURAL 4
  5. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_PSYCHIC 5
  6. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_SKIN 6
  7. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_SPELL 10 //also a category. Useful for bacortu
  8. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_EXPEDITION 11 // allow display in party screen
  9. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_ACTION 20
  10. define ActiveEffect_CATEGORY_SKILL 30

Here are some durations that were used. I would rather streamline this data. Conditions are very likely to remain permanent since they must be cured. Active effects on the other hand has limited durations in combat time. They mostly expire after battle. Only expedition spells remains between battles.

  1. define ActiveEffect_EXPIRATION_ENDOFTURN 1 // only cure and death
  2. define ActiveEffect_EXPIRATION_DISTURBED 2 // if get attacked or slapped
  3. define ActiveEffect_EXPIRATION_ENDOFCOMBAT 3 // at the end of the battle
  4. define ActiveEffect_EXPIRATION_EXITREST 4 // only when exiting the maze or resting
  5. define ActiveEffect_EXPIRATION_PERMANENT 5 // never removed, require cure.

Effects attributes: Most of those information are stats modified. I might be putting stats modifier in a separate table to allow compilation of stats in the database itself. It would be more annoying to modify the information, but it would be easier to query and make computation inside the database. I could possibly make rolls inside the DB.

  • expiration
  • duration
  • condition: status conditions abouve
  • category: For curing, spells and others
  • AD, MD: Still available
  • PS, MS: Replaced with attribute. But modifier could exist
  • melee_CS, range_CS
  • DR:
  • Init:
  • DMG, MDMG:
  • attdiv, powdiv: Not used anymore
  • HP, MP, modulo: constant HP/MP drain/boost at modulo times.
  • target_type: Character or monster
  • target_id: foreign key
  • template_id: foreign key
  • time: Time that has passed since creation

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