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All characters are defined by their attributes which are 6 stats ranging from 1 to 20. They represent the various capacity of the character. The race determines the basic value of the attributes. Then the player gain points that he can distribute through his attributes. The number of points is relative to the difficulty settings of the game. The maximum level an attribute can be raised is up to the basic value + 10. So a character with a minimum attribute of 5 will allow to raise the stat up to 15.

There is a total of 6 attributes, they have been organised 3 physical and 3 mental attribute where each group represent Strength, Dexterity and Endurance.

Physical Strength- StrengthSTR
Physical Dexterity- DexterityDEX
Physical Stamina- EnduranceEND
Mental Strength- IntelligenceINT
Mental Dexterity- CunningCUN
Mental Stamina- WillpowerWIL

Attribute Modifiers

Each attribute will give a bonus or minus to on of the combat stats seen in the previous section. The value of the modifier is determined by the level of the attribute:


Each attribute adds the modifier above to 2 different combat stats listed below.

AttributeCombat Stats 
Strength- Damage Z(DMGZ)Damage Resistance(DR)
Dexterity- Active Defense(AD)Physical Combat Skill(PCS)
Endurance- Hit Points Z(HP)Physical Saves(PS)
Intelligence- Magic Damage Z(MDMGZ)Initiative(IN)
Cunning- Magic Defense(MD)Mental Combat Skill(MCS)
Willpower- Magick Points Z(MP)Mental Saves(MS)

So for example, a character with an Endurance of 16 will gain +3 HP per level and will get +3 on his physical saves.

In order to make it more logical, the strength modifier is not added to weapons using mental combat skill (Riffle, wand and daggers), for now the intelligence modifier has been used which makes it more powerful. But maybe later, another methods could be used.

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