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The camp menu might be different a bit, still most of the old features should be there.

TODO: Update when the real camp menu will be availbale.


The camp menu has various options to manage your party. Some menu are removed when the camp menu is accessed from the city.


You can now select a character, and the stats of the character will be displayed on the screen. From there, you have another menu with various options.

Cast [Magic School]

Allow casting spells of the specified magic school. During camp, you can only cast non-combat spells. So you will not have access to the whole spell list, this is why there is the "Read" Command.


Allow items in the inventory to be equipped. You can equip 1 of each item type (weapon, armor, etc) except for expandable items that you can equip up to 4 items. Some items like weapons and shield requires a certain number of hands. In that case, you cannot equip items that will require more than 2 hands.


Allow you to cast any spell you know. Not all spells can be used outside battles.


Allow you to see in a glance all the spells your character have. (Maybe could be fusion together with spells as 1 menu)

Use item

Use an expandable or usable equipped item for it's special ability. Only equipped items can be used. Usable items are currently not available.

Active Effects

List all the effect currently active on the character. Active effect include spells and status condition. They will expire after a certain amount of time or condition (ex: exit maze, ).


All bought items are kept into the party's inventory. Items that can be equiped on a character are selected from this list. There is currently no inventory limit.


Change the order of the characters in the party. This mostly determined who will be in front or in the back according to the party's formation.


Allows to change the type of formation the party can have. The choices are offensive, defensive and balanced. Look at this section for more information about formations:

Party Formations


A feature not yet implemented that allows the party to search the current tiles for hidden items or secret passages.


A feature not yet implemented that would allow to review all story text that occurred in the game. It could be used for quest management in later development. Not sure yet how it will work.


There is an auto mapping integrated system. But in order to make DUMAPIC still interesting to cast, the scale of the map is so small that you cannot see the configuration of the corridors on the map. If you want to do so, you need to cast DUMAPIC to see the corridors of what you have mapped.


This allows the player to change the preference options of the game. When the game is created, a copy of the title menu's preference options is made. Once you change them in the game, the modifications stay to this game only. Difficulty options cannot be changed during the game (unless using a cheating feature not yet implemented). Those options are selected at game creation and can only be viewed afterward in the option menu.

System Log

This simply display the system log. The log is mostly used for combat. Many things gets logged though the game and other things might eventually get logged. This is used to trace back of something that has happened that you could have missed. The log can keep up to 1000 entries.

Quit Party

This will save the game and return the player directly to the game management screen. So When you get back into the game, you'll start directly at the same place in the maze where you left.

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