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A lot of services have not been defined yet to the list will grow with development. Some services are not yet implemented, while other ideas does not appear yet in the city menu.

Adventurer's Inn


Allow the party to rest at the inn to recover their HP and MP. The cost is 1 gold per character per day. The amount of HP and MP recovered is equal to the HP/MP dice of the character. So in average, a character will have to rest a number of days equal to it's level.

You can rest a fixed number of days if you are short in gold or you can rest until your whole party is healed. You also have the option to use fine rooms. Those rooms cost 3 times the cost, but characters do not roll dices when recovering but rather use their maximum die value. For example, if a character normally have 1D8+2 hit dice, then he would get 8+2=10 HP, the maximum possible recovery.

Manage Party

Contains a series of menu to add and remove characters to/from your party. Characters are added from and removed to the reserve. Many city services requires to have characters in the party. Up to 6 characters can be placed in the party.



Characters can buy various items at the market. The items there are generated randomly. The shop will restock items at the beginning of a new day which add and remove items to the market (to simulate a real market). The more powerful the item's power up, the more expensive will be the item. Bought items are added to the party's inventory.

It's a good idea to bring the characters you want to equip because you can see in the top right corner it the item is equipable by that character. A "#" sign indicates that the character cannot equip that item.


It's also possible to sell items you do not want anymore or that you found in the maze for half it's price. Equiped items cannot be sold.

Forge Item

Not yet implemented, but maybe later it will be possible to forge item to get the custom equipment you want.


Cure Character

Allow to remove permanent negative active effects from a character. The cost is proportional to the type of effect:

Type of EffectCost
Skin50 gp
Body100 gp
Neural150 gp
Bloodstream200 gp
Psychic250 gp
Soul300 gp

Most effect will at most dissipate after exiting the maze. But some remains permanent, in that case you need a cure from the temple or from a spell. There is a spell to cure each type of effect.

Revive Characters

Allow to revive a character which is not alive anymore. Also allow recovering from the petrification status which is a kind of death. Reviving from petrify has no risk and no soul check are required, but reviving from other status has a risk a failing a soul check can trun a character in ashes or even delete it.

The cost is determined by the type of death multiplied by the level of the character.

Petrification25 gp / Level
Death50 gp / Level
Ashes75 gp / Level

Wizard's covenant

Will be used to uncurse, identify and maybe enchant items. All those services are currently not implemented.

Enchant Item

Use to place custom enchantments on equipment. This is something that could be implemented later.


Use to identify items if you have no characters that can do this.


Use to remove cursed items from characters. Not yet implemented.

Training Ground

Manage Characters

Allows to create, inspect and delete characters in the reserve.

Level Check

This is used to make your character level up. In the party bar, the "@" character besides the level indicated that the character has enough experience to increase it's level. Visiting this service will check each character and level them up as many times as necessary. It will also be possible to assign bonus character points gained though level up.


It is possible to access the camp menu directly from the city. So to need to enter the maze to heal a character or equip some items for example. Some features like quit party and search has been disabled when accessing camp from the city.

Enter Maze

Allow the party to enter the maze. For now the entry point is always the same, but it might be possible later to enter the maze from various points once certain areas has been explored.

Quit Game

This simply save the game and bring the player back to the game management menu.

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