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City Services

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The game is focused around the city and the maze. The city is there to help the player recover upgrade and go back to the dungeon. A minimum of service will be offered to keep the game functionnal.

Each service is assigned to a location, which in a sub-menu containing all the available services. So the services will be listed here grouped by location.



Allow the party to rest at the inn to recover their HP and MP. There are different room type with different recovering rates:

Economy Room1 Gp40
Merchant Suite3 Gp101
Royal Suite8 GP243
  • Cost: This is the cost per day per character in your party.
  • Recover: This is the number of HP and MP you recover per day.
  • Wounds: This is the amount of permanent wound points you recover per day.

Finer rooms are a bit less cost effective for HP/MP recovery, but they allow the recovery of permanent wounds. Permanent wounds cannot be cured with spells. You can rest a fixed number of days if you are short in gold or you can rest until your whole party is healed.

Party management

Contains a series of menu to add and remove characters to/from your party. Characters are added from and removed to the reserve. Many city services requires to have characters in the party. Up to 6 characters can be placed in the party. See party formations.

Market Place


Characters can buy various items at the market. At the beginning of the game, there will be a basic amount of equipment available in stocks. Then as character progress in the maze, the Market place will also restock with new and more powerful equipment. Else, sold equipment found in the maze will end up in the market place.

It's a good idea to bring the characters you want to equip because you can see in the top right corner it the item is equipable by that character. See the equipment page to determine the type of equipment available.


It's also possible to sell items you do not want anymore or that you found in the maze for half it's price. Equiped items cannot be sold.



Allow to remove permanent negative active effects from a character. The cost is proportional to the type of effect:

Type of EffectCost
Skin50 gp
Body100 gp
Neural150 gp
Bloodstream200 gp
Psychic250 gp
Soul300 gp

Most effect will dissipate after exiting the maze. But some remains permanent, in that case you need a cure from the temple or from a spell. There is a spell to cure each type of effect allowing to cure it inside the maze.


Allow to revive a character which is not alive anymore. See the soul and revival page for how to make soul checks.

The cost is determined by the type of death multiplied by the level of the character.

Death50 gp / Level
Ashes100 gp / Level


This service will be used to uncurse character, if I manage to find a good way to implement cursed items.

Training Grounds

Character management

Allows to create, inspect, rename and delete characters in the reserve.

Character Level up

This service is used to make your character level up. In the party bar, an icon besides the character's level indicates that he has enough experience to increase it's level. Visiting this service will check each character and ask you which class you want to level up into. It will also be possible to assign bonus character points gained though level up.


Allows you to access party camp commands directly in the city, no need to go into the dungeon.

Enter Maze

Allow the party to enter the maze and select their entry points. Depending on the adventure, different entry points could be discovered and used later.

Quit Game

This simply save the game and bring the player back to the title screen.

Design Notes

  • Compared to my own personal game, I'll keep the number of services low and implement only the minimum necessary to make the game work as the game will be less rogue like than my other game idea.
  • I tried to remove the inn bug where players only recovered their spells for free and healed with their clerics. I wanted to make inns useful again, so now MP will recover at the same rate as HP, it could be possible to only heal your cleric and then use his spells. But you still need to pay to recover MP. Else, wounds must be recovered at the inn, spells are inefficient. So the old trick is partially doable and could save a bit of gold.
  • I decided to put HP/MP recovery value as fixed number instead of die roll to easily calculate how much days is required to heal your entire party. I makes the implementation more efficient. Higher suite are less efficient but allow permanent would recovery which was the whole point to making inn more useful. If it's too weak I can change the values later.
  • Another thing that makes inns more interesting is the lack of aging. This reduce the drawbacks of using the inn.
  • I want the players to shop sometimes. I want shop to be an alternate path to equipment instead of just looting the maze. So Character progress in the maze and character levels will see the shop with new items proportionally. So as the game progress, the shop will progress too.


Wizard's covenant


Use to identify items if you have no characters that can do this.


Use to remove cursed items from characters. Not yet implemented.

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