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Each character has a profession called a class that he will fulfill for all his life. It is not possible to change class, but there is no attribute restriction to select a class. So if you have little strength and you want to be a fighter, you can still do it but It will create a weak fighter.

There is currently 12 official classes organised in 3 categories: Warriors, Rogues and Magic-Users where each of them has 4 classes. The are 2 additional class under development that I am not sure to keep which is the Sage and the Bard that were present in Wizardry 6. I might add the Gadgeteer from wizardry 8 later. Here are the classes and their stats:

Character Class Table

  • Initial (Init.): A 3 letter code to identify the class.
  • Active Defense(AD): This is a active defense bonus that all rogue class receive for dodging stuff more easily.
  • Magic Defense(MD): Basic Magic defense ability of the class which are only available to magic users.
  • HP Die(HP): This is the type of die used when rolling for increasing max HP.
  • MP Die(MP): This is the type of die used when rolling for increasing max MP.
  • Physical Saves(PS): Basic physical save value.
  • Mental Saves(MS): Basic mental save value.
  • Attack Divider(AttDiv): Determined the nb of attack the character has according to it's level.
  • Power Divider (PowDiv): Determined the nb of dice rolled when casting spells according to the character level.
  • Melee Combat Skill(MCS): Basic combat skill for using melee weaponry.
  • Range Combat Skill(PCS): Basic combat skill for using range weaponry.
  • Profiency: Determine which type of equipment can be used by the class.

Weapon Proficiency Code

CodeDescriptionWeapons Names
BalBalancedSword, Blades
UnbUnbalancedBattle Axe, Flail
PolPoleSpear, Staff
MisMissileBow, Crossbow
MagMagicalWand, Rods
ThrThrownDaggers, Bombs

Shield Proficiency Code

CodeDescriptionShield Names
NshMinimum ShieldBracers
LshLight ShieldBuckler
HshHeavy ShieldShield

Armor Proficiency Code

CodeDescriptionArmor Names
NarMinimal ArmorSuit
LarLight ArmorLeather Armor
MarMedium ArmorChain Mail
HarHeavy ArmorPlate Mail
  • Magic School: Determine what kind of magic the character can cast. There are 2 segment of spells, low magic and high magic. Some classes like samurai only have access to the lower magic spells.

Magic School Codes

CodeDescription CodeDescription
LarLow Arcane HarHigh Arcane
LdvLow Divine HdvHigh Divine
LalLow Alchemy HalHigh Alchemy
LpsLow Psionic HpsHigh Psionic
  • Resistance: Special resistance to certain type of active effects or elements.

Resistance Table

  • Weakness: Special weakness to certain type of active effect or elements. Here, the weakness has been added against class specific effects.

Weakness Table

MgkMagic User

Future Development

There are a few things not defined yet which are the class skills. I have an idea of how it will work but I have not define the skills for all class. There will probably be 1 passive skill (used automatically) and 1 action skill (used as an action) for each class.

There is also the 3 extra classed which was not planned in the design which are the Sage, Bard and Gadgeteer. I am not sure yet if those classes would be implemented. Maybe they could be added later or they could be some sort of dummy classes that players can use to get a different or more challenging experience. I think it will all depend on the Skills. Right now I really like the 12 classes.

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