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The new class system has been simplified a bit, but multi classing will be available to allow various mix and match. Instead of giving upfront bonuses at character creation, certain bonuses would be given through skill that can be acquired by gaining levels. Multi classing would allow mixing skills from various classes. Here is the numbers related to classes.

NameIn.RequirementsHPMPMulticlass potential with
FighterFigSTR + VIT126Ranger, Monk, Cleric, Psionic
RangerRngSTR + AGI126Fighter, Cleric, Assassin, Rogue
AssassinAsnINT + AGI108Ranger, Rogue, Mage, Alchemist
RogueThiAGI + LUC108Ranger, Assassin, Alchemist, Psionic
MonkMnkDEV + VIT1010Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Psionic
ClericCleSTR + DEV810Fighter, Ranger, Monk, Mage
AlchemistAlcINT + LUC810Assassin, Rogue, Mage, Psionic
MageMagINT + DEV612Assassin, Monk, Cleric, Alchemist
PsionicPsiVIT+LUC612Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Alchemist

As you can see there is way much less numbers than before, but don't worry it will get more complicated with skills that each class can get with the various possible mix and match due to multi-classing. First, the attribute requirements are back, every class require 2 of their attributes to at least have 13 points. Then each class will gain a certain number of Hit Points (HP) and Magic Points (MP) each level. Bonus points could be given, see level upping. Based on the attribute requirements, certain classes will be easier to multi-class with. In fact, if a character has 3 specific attribute at 13+, he could have 2 classes. This is what the multi-class potential tries to illustrate.

Most of the classes features will actually be a list of skill you can gain each level. Classes skills will be detailed on another page. Multi-classing would allow a character to mix skills from different classes

Design Notes

  • I brought back the attribute requirements because many class features will not be adjusted according to the attributes. Most skills will je be a matter of bringing a specific class to a specific level. I thought it could allow easy skill grab from other classes this way. Also, you could multi-class all 9 classes, so I guess multi-classing brought back the attribute requirements.
  • I tried to remove the Asian classes like Samurai and Ninjas to be more consistent with the theme that would look more like a medieval Lord of the rings world.
  • I also removed classes that combined a type of magic with another class, for example, the samurai which is a fighter + mage. With multi classing, you can mix and match any way you like.
  • There was an idea to have various development path like Xcom, where you have a choice between 2 different skills each level. I think, to keep things simple and easier to implement, doing simple multi-classing would be enough.
  • Another side effect of multi-classing, is that a character could exceed level 20 and still get additional benefits. The progression should be be slower as there is no monsters above 20, but still a reward.


  • OLD RULEBOOK: HP and MP dice where a racial attribute and the class gave a bonus. I am not sure because it could tie races to specific classes. There is also multiple source of modifier for the same stat since the attribute counts too, so it a bit hard to understand.


Character Class Table

  • Initial (Init.): A 3 letter code to identify the class.
  • Active Defense(AD): This is a active defense bonus that all rogue class receive for dodging stuff more easily.
  • Magic Defense(MD): Basic Magic defense ability of the class which are only available to magic users.
  • HP Die(HP): This is the type of die used when rolling for increasing max HP.
  • MP Die(MP): This is the type of die used when rolling for increasing max MP.
  • Physical Saves(PS): Basic physical save value.
  • Mental Saves(MS): Basic mental save value.
  • Attack Divider(AttDiv): Determined the nb of attack the character has according to it's level.
  • Power Divider (PowDiv): Determined the nb of dice rolled when casting spells according to the character level.
  • Melee Combat Skill(MCS): Basic combat skill for using melee weaponry.
  • Range Combat Skill(PCS): Basic combat skill for using range weaponry.
  • Profiency: Determine which type of equipment can be used by the class.
  • Resistance: Special resistance to certain type of active effects or elements.

Resistance Table


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