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Combat Actions

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This page contains the list of actions characters can do. Some actions are available to everybody while other actions requires certain class skills to unlock it.

FightAllN8InstantAttack an enemy
DefendAllN4InstantProtect yourself against incomming attacks
Use ItemAllY10DelayedUse an item or equipment in your inventory
SlapAllN6InstantWake up a character
Change WeaponAllN6InstantAllow swapping between weapons
SwapAllN8InstantSwap the position of 2 adjacent characters
Arcane SpellMageYSpSpellCast spells
Divine SpellClericYSpSpellCast spells
Alchemy SpellAlchemistYSpSpellCast spells
Psionic SpellPsionicYSpSpellCast spells
Shield BashFighterY8InstantCharge enemy with shield forward
AimRangerN12DelayedPrecise range attack with better accuracy
BackstabAssassinN16DelayedSneak and backstab an ennemy
StealRogueN14DelayedSneak and steal an enemy item drop
Multi StrikeMonkN8InstantAttack all enemies in melee range
Chi StrikeMonkN10DelayedSpecial magical strike
BanishClericN12DelayedDestroy undead and divine monsters
DrainMageN12InstantSteal MP from ennemy
Focused spellPsionicN6+SpDelayedStrengthen the power of a spell
  • Name: Name of the action displayed in the menu
  • Class: Name of the class that can unlock this action
  • OutCombat: Indicates that the action can be used outside combat
  • Speed: Value added to initiative. Spells(Sp) have their own speed value.
  • Resolution: Indicates if the action is resolved immediately or delayed to the start of the player's next turn. Spells have their own resolution value.
  • Description: give more information about what the action does.


Not all actions has been defined yet, so this page will grow as new actions gets added. This list also includes the list of monster actions. Character skill can enable actions during combat, those will be listed in the skill section.

When a character or monster makes an action. A D10 is rolled and the initiative of the action is added to the total to get the final initiative value. The actions will be executed in initiative order. Actions currently have the following initiative values:

Arcane Spell0
Divine Spell-8
Alchemy Spell-4
Psionic Spell+4
Use Item-4


This is the most important combat action which allow to attack your enemies. During the input, you must select a target in range. The range is determined by the range of your weapon and your rank in the party

Attack range

Actor Pos.Target Pos.Min. Range needed

When it's time to resolve the action the following procedure is made.

1. Calculate the number of attack: Use the total weapon skill divided by the clumsiness of the weapon. Add 1 and this is the number of attacks the character/monster will perform.

2. Perform Attack Rolls: For each attack, roll 1D20 + Combat skill + bonus (explained below) and see if it exceed the target's Active Defense + 10. If it does, the attack is successful.

3. Damage Roll: The attacker roll X (dY+Z) for each successful attack he has made.

4. Check Damage Resistance: The target roll 1D20 for each attack received. If the roll is lower or equal the target's damage resistance, the damage is reduced by half. The damage can never drop below 1.

5. Apply Damage: The damage is totalised and applied to the target. It it's HP reach 0, it is killed.

Critical and automatic hits

If a character or monster roll 19 or 20 on an attack roll, the target is automatically hit. So a character always have 10% chance to hit.

If a character or monster roll 20 on an attack roll, the attack will perform double damage.

If a character or monster roll 1 on a Damage Resistance roll, the damage of the attack is reduced to 1.

Multiple attack bonus

Each failled attack gives the character/monster an additional bonus to his combat skill when making an additional attack. The modifier is given by the weapon and added cumulatively until the attacker successfully hit. In that case the bonus is reset to 0. Bonus does not carry from a combat round to another.

Resistance and weakness

If a weapon has a special effect which happens to be the weakness of the target (For example, fire sword vs frost giant), that attack will perform quadruple damage. If the target is resistan like when using a fire sword against a fire giant, the damage is divided by 8. There is no complete resistance.


Each weapons, monster attacks and spells have a list of defense that can be used to avoid the effect or reduce the damage of the effect by half (damage resistance). Here is a recap of the available defenses.

MdfMagic Defense
AdfActive Defense
PsvPhysical Save
MsvMental Save
DrsDamage Resistance
HmdHalf Magic Defense
HadHalf Active Defense
HpsHalf Physical Save
HmsHalf Mental Save
HdrHalf Damage Resistance

Cast [Magic School]

Casting spell requires MP specified in the spell list. Spells are listed by their spell name and not their description (can be changed via the option panel) forcing you to remember the spell name.

Some Spells affect single target, group of target (Front or Back Row), or all targets. You will be prompted to select the right target when casting the spell.


Some status condition like sleep can be removed when the character get's attacked. The problem is that sometimes the monsters will not attack it. So you can force waking up a character by slapping it in the face. It does do any damage, it basically waste a character action to wake up another character.


An action that allows the character to raise his Adtive Defense and Magic Defense by 4 points for the duration of the round. This action has a relatively good initiative so it should be performed before ennemy actions unless that character has a very bad initiative rating.

Use Item

Allow using an expandable equiped item. This is currently not available for use.

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