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Party Formations

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Party formation is basically used to determine who can attack who. Both the monster and the character use the same 2x3 formation. You have the front and back row on one axis, and you have the left, center, right flank on the other axis. Which gives somethings that looks like this:

Front LeftFront CenterFront Right
Rear LeftRear CenterRear Right

The enemies uses the same layout but mirrored. Their formation is placed directly on the top of the character formation. There is no way to change the layout of the formation, you can only reposition your characters into that 3x2 grid. There will be actions that allow to move or change position during battle to protect a wounded character for example

Attack Range

There are 3 type of attack range: 1 (Melee), 2 (Short) and 3 (Long) which allows to attack respectively 1, 2 or 3 rows away. Some attack range have a decimal number like 3.5. For now, we will consider it's range 3.

Table of attack ranges


Attack Columns

Character can attack enemies or get attacked by enemies in the same column. So the monster in front of you is your main target. But characters and enemies are still allowed to attack monsters and get attacked by monsters in adjacent columns. Unfortunately, there will be a -4 penalty to attack unless your weapon has a .5 range added to it.

So if your weapon has a range of 2.5, it can attack 2 space away, but it can also attack adjacent columns without extra penalty.

Ambush Encounter

Sometimes, encounters will change the formation of your party depending on the side of the ambush. When it happens, characters will be rotated in a direction by 1 space for side attacks, or by 3 space for rear ambushes (rows flip). Here is an example of rotation for a side attack

Original formation

1.Front Left2.Front Center3.Front Right
4.Rear Left5.Rear Center6.Rear Right

Rotated formation for a right ambush

2.Front Center3.Front Right6.Rear Right
1.Front Left4.Rear Left5.Rear Center

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