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Party Formations

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Party formations determines which character will occupy the front or the back position. The position mostly determine the attack range of characters and monsters.

Attack Range

Monster and characters can be in front or in the back. There are 3 type of attack range: Melee, Short and Long Range which allows to attack respectively 1, 2 or 3 rows away.

Table of attack ranges

PositionRangeFront EnemiesBack Enemies


There are 3 type of formations: Offensive, balanced and defensive. The characters will be placed in a different position according to the number of characters you have, the ranking of the character and the chosen formation type. The table below display the various formations for each character in the party.

Offensive formation

Nb Characters123456
1 CharacterFront---------------
2 CharactersFrontFront------------
3 CharactersFrontFrontBack---------
4 CharactersFrontFrontFrontBack------
5 CharactersFrontFrontFrontBackBack---
6 CharactersFrontFrontFrontFrontBackBack

Balanced formation

Nb Characters123456
1 CharacterFront---------------
2 CharactersFrontBack------------
3 CharactersFrontFrontBack---------
4 CharactersFrontFrontBackBack------
5 CharactersFrontFrontFrontBackBack---
6 CharactersFrontFrontFrontBackBackBack

Defensive formation

Nb Characters123456
1 CharacterFront---------------
2 CharactersFrontBack------------
3 CharactersFrontBackBack---------
4 CharactersFrontBackBackBack------
5 CharactersFrontFrontBackBackBack---
6 CharactersFrontFrontBackBackBackBack

Formations should readjust themselves automatically as character dies for becomes unavailable for battle.

Monsters has a special formation that lies between offensive and balanced.

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