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Most equipment in Wizardry Legacy will be generated randomly according to item template. For example, a sword template will be used to define the basic stats of a "flame sword +2". The fire elements and +2 bonus will be added to the basic stats. A keyword and bonus notation is used to make identification of the item effect easier. The cost of the item is also multiplied with additional effects.

There will still be some artifacts which are item with a unique name. These items are generally harder to find randomly, they are mostly given by the adventure.


Below you will find all the templates for Weapons, Shields, Armors, Accessories, and Expandable items. This should be all the random generated items you can find.


Sword801d81NAGISTRsmall44 Slashing, PiercingN
Greatsword1201d8+42NAGISTRmedium52 Slashing, PiercingN
Battleaxe1001d101NSTRLUCsmall5  Slashing, BluntN
Greataxe1501d10+52NSTRLUCmedium6  Slashing, BluntN
Mace601d61NSTRSTRsmall62 BluntN
Warhammer1001d6+32NSTRSTRmedium7  BluntN
Quarterstaff401.5d4+22NAGISTRmedium24 BluntN
Spear1201.5d8+42NAGISTRmedium6  PiercingN
Dagger201d41YAGIINTsmall12 PiercingN
Shortsword601d61YAGISTRsmall34 Slashing, PiercingN
Bow1503.5d82NAGIINTmedium7  PiercingN
Crossbow2003.5d62NINTLUCsmall8  PiercingN
Rod2001d81NINTLUCsmall422Splash, BluntY
Wand3002.5d61NINTLUCsmall6 4SplashY
Knives1002.5d41YAGILUCsmall2  PiercingN
Handaxes1502.5d61YSTRLUCmedium4  SlashingN
  • Name: Base name of the weapon
  • Price: base price of weapon, will be multiplied with upgrades.
  • Range: This is the number of rows you can attack in front of you. Melee is 1, attacking 1 row further is 2, and attacking 2 row further is 3. Some weapons have an additional 0.5, this allow attacking adjacent rows without penalties.
  • Damage: damage die of the weapon. Some weapons roll one die plus a fixed modifier.
  • NbHands: Number of hands required to wield the weapon. Mostly impact the ability to use shield.
  • OffHand: Indicates if the weapon can be equiped as an off hand weapon for those with dual weapon wielding.
  • AttackRoll: Attribute used to make your "to hit" attack roll.
  • ArmorRoll: Attribute used to make your armor penetration roll.
  • Size: Minimum racial size requirement. Medium weapons require a medium race. Small weapons can be used by all size.
  • Speed: Speed value added to your action cooldown. The lower the better.
  • Dodge: Defense bonus to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Deflect: Defense bonus to deflect enemy magic.
  • DmgType: Type of damage inflicted by the weapon. Used in a Rock-Paper-Scisor mechanism to calculate damage.
  • Mgk: The weapon is magickal by default. Certain monster can have non-magickal weapon immunities.


Cloth Armor20None001 0001
Suit50None000 0002
Leather Armor100Light011 1014
Studded Leather150Light013 4015
Chain Mail200Medium-123 8222
Scale Mail300Medium-125 9228
Plate Mail400Heavy-245 12434
Plate Armor600Heavy-247 134312
  • Name: Name of the armor.
  • Price: Base price of the armor
  • Proficiency: Skill required to equip the armor.
  • AttackPenalty: Penalty given to attack rolls for EACH HAND. Single handed weapon will apply the modifier once, 2 handed weapons will apply the modifier twice.
  • Dodge: Passive defense bonus to dodge attacks.
  • Armor: Armor rating to reduce damage against the different type of damage
  • Speed: Speed penalty added to actions.


Bracers20 2000
Force gloves200magick2404
Tower Shield150heavy8048
  • Name: Name of the armor.
  • Price: Base price of the armor
  • Proficiency: Skill required to equip the armor.
  • Dodge: Passive defense bonus to dodge attacks.
  • Deflect: Defense bonus to deflect enemy magic.
  • Speed: Speed penalty added to actions.
  • ArmorVsSplash: Shield can be used for cover, therefore they provide and armor bonus but only to splash damage.


All the equipment above can be enhanced with various special powers. There are 3 enhancement possible

  • Elements: Generally a keyword like "Fire", "Poison", preceding the name of the item. This will generally affect the damage due to weakness and resistance of creatures.
  • Bonus: A numerical modifier that indicates the bonus modifier you are getting on certain rolls.
  • Spell ability: The item has a usable ability that will cast a spell. A certain number of charges is available, and come cursed items can backfire. The strength of spells from those items is equal to level 2 proficiency, that means rolling 3 dices for damage spells. Cursed items are stronger, they have a level 4 proficiency, but can sometimes backfire.
  • level: Each Item will have a level once generated which tried to match the level of the characters and or the dungeon floor. The higher the level, the better the enchancements. At the start of the game, all shop items starts level 1.
  • Weapon/Armor/Shield/Accessory: This is the item rank with will translate into a bonus modifier that the item will receive to it's attributes, the modified attribute depends on the equipment. Certain special abilities can boost or reduce that bonus modifier.
  • Element: Weapons, and Armor with elemental effects and resistance exists.
  • SpellLevel: This means the item can have a spell like ability that can be used matching the level of the spell specified. Items will have charges and be rechargeable.

The table below indicates the cost of the item according to it's rank.

1500 + (5 x W.cost)  
22000 + (20 x W.cost)  
34500 + (45 x W.cost)  
48000 + (80 x W.cost)  
512500 + (125 x W.cost)  
618000 + (180 x W.cost) N/A
724500 + (245 x W.cost) N/A
832000 + (320 x W.cost)N/AN/A
940500 + (405 x W.cost)N/AN/A
1050000 + (500 x W.cost)N/AN/A


Items with an elemental effect cost 25% extra. Each item can have at most 1 element, but special artifact could actually have more. Elemental items have the advantage of being magickal items and therefore can hit ennemies with regular weapon resistance. Elemental weapons adds a prefix to the item name. For example "Fire Sword +3".

An item has 50% chance to be an elemental item. Then another random check is made to chose which element from the list. Weapons will inflict elemental damage and affect target which have weakness to that element, while Armor, Shield will add elemental resistance to the same element.

Spell abilities

Items with a spell ability cost an extra 50% gold. each item can have 1 spell and 1 backfire effect. The number of charges will be determined by the spell. The spell strength of the item is fixed. Cursed items have a backfire effect. It increases the spell strength, but has a flat 20% chance to trigger. Items with spell abilities adds a suffix to the item like "Wand of Paralysis +2".

An item has 25% chance to have a spell like ability and 50% chance to have a backfire. The spell and the backfire is determined by the level of the item. The action "use item" is required to activate the ability. The item must be equiped to be used. Each ability activation will deplete a charge. Once an item is depleted, it can be recharged by paying 5% of the item's cost.

IDEA/NOTE: I am not sure if I could simplify and use the item level instead either for the special abilities or the cost. The problem is that certain levels are the same and the player could get 2 items with the same abilities but a different price or bonus.

Design notes

  • I tried to make a huge effort to shrink down the weapon list to make it easier to select a weapon for a character, while making all weapons equally useful. Having a smaller weapon list makes it easier to find a weapon of of your character can use ... but it makes shopping boring. And one thing that I love in Video RPG is shopping, so I exploded the weapons again while trying to make each of them useful for different purpose.
  • Another massive effort has been made to dramatically reduce the number of stats and variations between the various equipment, especially weapons. Again, the goal is to make it easier for the player to understand the mechanism while not losing any features like allowing magic users to attack from the back row using magic weapons. I tried to focus on stats the player can easily understand. Renaming the stats also helped.
  • I would like to have 2 type of progress in equipment. This is what I am trying to do with proficiencies and different equipment type instead of buying the best stuff right at the beginning. The second type of progress will be a simple numerical modifier "+X" that is easy to understand in a simple glance.
  • Armor covers every part of the body. So no need to handle helmets, gloves, leggings, etc. That makes armor management much easier. The parts above may exist as accessories worn in addition to the armor.
  • D&D combine all abilities in the same ranking chart. But I decided to do otherwise since for example an elemental effect is both a strenghth and a weakness for weapons. Due to weakness and resistance. For armor, it add resistance but not a weakness. So to be fair, maybe weapons can only gain the strength.
  • Cursed items where a huge problem with many things to debate. It seems that the identification system and cursed item in Wizardry was more a burden than giving strategic or push your luck choices. The system worked only in rogue like games where you could not exit the dungeon. To make the system work, cursed items would be useful but risky. The main idea is that it will give you more power than other items in the same level, but it would have a negative effect when used. It could apply at every attack or when used. It could have various probability to trigger.
  • I was not sure to keep item identification as player will never equip an unidentified item. So I am considering only hiding negative effect, but the positive effects are visible which could incite a player to equip an unidentified item.
  • In order to keep the game simple, and avoid issues at balancing item bonus against their boon or bane special effect, I decided that there will only be elements + usable abilities. Curse can only be triggered when using an item. There is no wielding or time trigger for now. It also implies the notion of choice, that the player must make to trigger a possibility for curse effect to trigger.


  • Maybe make accessories give skills, like improving profiencies, equiping weapons, giving stat bonus, attribute bonus, etc. not sure if the 0 to +3 relevant. Maybe just link to a class skill. That could create interesting character customisation.
  • Trying 16 bit element. I will remove monster categories since it's hard to find a matching element. It's also used by spells. 6 is required for status condition, 2 is required for physical and maybe mental regular effects. 8 remains. D&D propose fire, ice, lightning, acid. I could hadd 4 new from: holy/Light, poison/disease, Unholy/Dark, Stone, Water, Wind, Wood, Metal, Void, Spirit.
  • There seems to be 2 type of elements, for status effects, and for damage. Maybe could use more abstract elements system, and position each of them in one of the 4 or 6 elements. Or either have 2 sets of elements and make combination. A flame tongue spell does fire and skin damage, so if you resist one or the other, you gain benefits.
  • Another idea is that racial bonus is not ties to the type of effect, but rather the attribute used for the save since they could be very different type of conditions. The race would auto-save certain attribute.
  • There are 2 other possible curse methods which have it limitation: Attacking and defending with an equiped item. Walking in the maze with an equiped item.


Item Templates


NamePriceMelee CSRange CSBonus-MalusPowerup-down



Power Ups

Elemental Modifier

Elemental Modifiers

PhyPhysical10x25  HardenedIron
MenMental5x10Etheral SpiritGlass
BodBody5x5  SteadyStone
BloBloodstream5x13  HardskinAntidote
SouSoul10x34  BlessedBlessed
NeuNeural5x8  LivingOrganic
PsyPsychic10x21  PsionicPsionic
SkiSkin5x3  TreatedShell
WarWarrior10x6Brute Finishing   
RogRogue10x6Thug Butchering   
MagMagic-User10x6Mage Mashing   
PlaPlants5x3Weed Eating   
OozOoze5x3Sponge Steel   

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