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The progression of characters are marked with levels. Monsters also have levels to determine for example the number of HP dice they have, while some monster even have a variable levels. Defeating monsters in the maze give characters experience points. When the required EXP is reached, the character raise to the next level when visiting the city. The required Experience to level up follows a triangular number sequence which is exactly the same than in Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition.

Experience Progression Table

LevelEXP NeededLevelEXP Needed

The level is limited to 20, no character or monster can have a level greater than 20. Other elements of the game like Levels of the maze, difficulty level of traps, will be linked to the experience level. For example, if a maze has 10 floors, then probably the designer will make each floor spawn 2 levels of monsters (ex: froor 1 = lvl 1-2, floor 2 = lvl 3-4, floor 3 = lvl 5-6), the traps generated will match these levels, and the player will easily know up to which floor he can go to find monsters of his strength.

Benefits of Leveling up

Compared to other RPG, not much is gainned when raising a level. This is because the combat system is done to make sure that low level characters has many chances to hit high level monsters than high level characters. This is why for example, the character's chance to hit does not increase with level up, but the number of attack will increase.


In general, damage inflicted by a character will increase because the character will perform multiple attacks.


Raising levels allow character to unlock additional spells that will perform more damage of have more vicious effects. Known spells also get stronger as more damage dice are rolled.

Hit and Magick Points

Characters will gain an additional HP/MP dice to they maximum HP/MP allowing them to soak more damage or cast more spells.

Class Skills

The efficiency of Class skills will be indexed to the level of the character. For example, a character who wants to unlock a chest or a door will compare his level with the chest. If is level is >= than the target it will succeed.

It it also possible that passive skills get triggered by comparing level. For example, if the ninja can assasinate characters, they will only be able to do it if the target's level is lower or equal to his level.

Attribute Points

Character will receive points that they can place in any of their attribute during level up. The number of points is relative to the difficulty level of the game an can range between 1 per 2 levels, 1 per 4 levels or 1 per 6 levels. It is generally useful to round up a few stats to increase your attribute modifiers.

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