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One of the main features of the game is to gain levels by accumulating experience points with adventuring. The number of experience points required to gain a level follows a triangular number progression times 1 thousand. Here is a sample of the exp table.

Experience Progression Table

LevelEXP NeededLevelEXP Needed

Note that it is now possible to exceed level 20 due to multi-classing. Is there a real maximum level, I am not sure I am going to cap it. Right now, the size of an unsigned integer is big enough to hold the necessary exp to raise near level 2900. Don't worry it won't happen, unless you hack your save game.

Leveling a character

When a character get enough experience to gain a level, on his next visit to the city, he gets to choose in which class he wants to gain a level. The character must have the necessary attribute requirements to level a class. The benefits acquired are simple, but not trivial.

HP: You will gain HP equals to the class you are currently leveling. So multi-classing will not always yield the same HP. Then you make a Vitality attribute check. On a success, you gain a bonus HP equal to half your class' amount. At level 0, all characters starts with a basic 10 HP.

MP: Same thing for MP, you gain an amount defined by the class you are leveling up. Then you make a Devotion attribute check. On a success, you gain bonus MP equal to half your class' value. At level 0, all characters starts with a basic 10 MP.

Skills: You will gain the skill of the class you are leveling for that class's level. For example: If you are a level 3 fighter and a level 2 mage and you want to a 3rd mage level. Even if your character is level 6, you will gain the skills of a mage level 3. Skill will increase the potential of your characters in many different ways. From new spells, weapon proficiencies, stronger attacks, etc. Refer to the skill list for more information.

Bonus Attributes: Every 3 character levels, starting from level 4, you get an additional attribute points that you can place in any of the 6 attributes, as long as you do not exceed your maximum attribute which is race attribute + 10.

Other: It is possible that some game mechanics could use the level of your character in the computation of the results.

Levels are for monsters too

Monster will also have a level that will be used to compute hit points, exp rewards and many other things. But, they cannot of course gain any levels. Traps, locks, chests could also have levels. It will determine the difficulty of the encounter and the type of reward you are going to get.

Design notes

  • I decided to allow gaining extra attributes at level up since the original wizardry allowed that. But instead of randomly increasing tons of stats, you will gain a few extra points here and there to patch holes in your character. That could open your character up for multi classing.
  • All the complexity seems to be moved to the skills. But it should make the system less complicated to understand until you reach the skill section. Skills, also allow multi-classing modifiers, which was not possible before.
  • I did not want to use attribute modifiers from -5 to +5 to give extra HP/MP because it ca screw up the ratio of points gained. A class with 6 points and a +4 modifier gain an extra 66% points. While a class with 12 points increments and a +4 modifier only gain a 33% extra points. With the attribute check, it's a flat 50% bonus. Also, you cannot get negative modifiers, so you are sure to get the points from your class.
  • I replaced HP/MP dices with maximum value to avoid the situation where a character roll their HP and roll only 1. Or If they have a negative modifier, they are very likely only to gain 1 HP all the time.
  • There is one inconsistency is that non magic using classes can have MP. I think this is essential so that multi-classing is not too much penalizing forcing characters to raise their magic user class to gain any MP. I could still make non-magic user have a way to use their MP in some way.

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