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Monster List

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NOTE: The monster list will be rebuilt according to the matching monster pictures that could be found. The ideais to keep iconic monsters found in Wizardry and add missing D&D or common mythological monsters. It's possible that monsters get designed according to their requirements in adventures. That means some pictures will have no monster stats, they will be added as needed.


This is the current list of monsters. Most stats has been improvised so far and many stats are not in the list (hard to convert bitfield has text for example ).

The list is not complete since it only contains non-class monsters from wizardry 1. New monsters will be available once extracted from wizardry 2-3 and additional monsters will be created with class monsters (ex: Level 5 ninja) which are like flexible monsters since they have a variable level.

Monster List

Bubbly Slime11020222150
Undead Kobold12060662150
Creeping Crud21020222150
Vorpal Bunny31014014218140
Gas Cloud4301886182250
Creeping Coins4201412101418250
Grave Mist5301806182250
Atttack Dog52010014614140
Giant Toad64020626250
Boring Beetle620100101010140
Rotting Corpse73020222150
Killer Wolf72010014614140
Huge Spider8206010210140
Dragon Fly92014010218140
Will O' Wisp9101412101418240
Murphy's Ghost10301802182250
Gaze Hound103060666140
Dragon Puppy114010814106140
Giant Spider12306010210140
Poison Giant1350601066150
Ogre Lord134010010146140
Earth Giant15506410146150
Dragon Zombie1650641466140
Lesser Demon16421016181010140
Fire Giant1750641066150
Gas Dragon1850108181010130
Frost Giant1950641066150
Fire Dragon2050108181010130
W E R N D A20356162210150
Greater Demon20541016181010140

As you will see, most stats are flexible to allow being generated automatically inside the game to avoid manual editing and data duplication.

  • Level: Determines the number of HP dice and MP dice are rolled. So if a monster rolls D8, then a level 12 monster will have 12D8 of HP.
  • Size: Determined the type of HP die that will be rolled and the type of Die it will use to inflict damage. So the bigger the creature, the more HP it has, and the more DMG it makes.
  • Power: Same thing has size, but for magic. It determines the MP die and the Magic Damage Die.
  • AD, MD, CS, DR, Init: Same stats has the characters (Active defense, Magic Defense, Combat Skill, Damage Resistance, initiative). The only difference it that it's the final value, it's not modified by anything else.
  • Range: This is the range of the monster's basic attack. 1 is melee, 2 is short and 3 is long range. Monsters can have additional attacks that will have different ranges.
  • Clumsiness: This is the clumsiness of the monster's basic attack. Additional attacks will have different clumsiness.

Bonus Modifiers for Bosses

It is not yet implemented, but for special bosses, I will allow the possibility to add a bonus from +1 to +5 that will apply like attribute bonus to characters. So it will affect all D20 stats, HP and damage roll. The idea is to be able to use any monster as a boss by giving it a bonus without having to have boss specific monsters. So if you want to have a boss "Vorpal Bunny", you can.

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