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Each character must be of a specific race which will determine the starting attribute and some other benefits. The basic value an attribute is 8 + the game difficulty modifier. The maximum attribute a character can get is his basic attribute +10. For example, an attributes with a base value is 8 has a maximum of 18.

HumanHum      notemedium9Bonus Experience
ElfElf    2-2psychicmedium9???
DwarfDwf  2 -2 bodysmall6???
GnomeGno-22    neuralsmall6???
Halflinghaf   -2 2soulsmall6???
LizardfolkLiz -2 2  bloodmedium9???
DraconDra2 -2   skinmedium9???
  • Attribute modifier: This is a bonus and minus applied to tbe basic attribute changing the default of 8.
  • Resistance: This is a special immunity to one of the 6 status effect categories.
  • Speed: This is the base action speed applied after each action is performed. The lower the better.
  • Size: This is the size of the race. Small races have better speed but they cannot equip most 2 handed weapons.
  • Benefits: This is a special benefit unique to the race.

Design notes

  • I want to avoid double modifiers, like a dwarf that has a lot of strength with a bonus to combat damage. But the strength modifier also increase combat damage. So the racial benefits is kind of applied twice using different stats. This is why only basic attributes will be affected and modifiers will be built from those stats.
  • Some racial modifiers could be implemented if they are targeted to specific situation that might not always occur. For example, elves get a +2 to use bows. It's just that all elven character might not use bows. That could lead to many modifiers to stacks.
  • I have an issue where most of the time, I use the race with the most intelligence to make a mage for example. Here, it might not be the case, as most attributes will be used. So you could maximize race with class, but it will have some draw back, and could be disadvantageous for multi-classing.
  • I tried to integrate some new races from wizardry 6+ but not all of them, I only wanted 2 extra races. The dracons were not good prospect because they fly, it makes no sense for open sky dungeons. And I did not want to use the Orc because it was actually a monster. So I decided to still use Dracons. The hell if it makes no sense. ALso dragonborn in D&d 4th edition does not have wings. So I could also justify it this way.
  • I am not sure if I am keeping the same groups of status effects, since they are more associated to the attribute required for the same. But curing spells will be required to have categories, so I might keep them in the end anyway.
  • One thing that my friend made me realized is that making race only affect attributes ends being irrelevant since you can assign points. Only the maximum attributes changes. It also create the syndrome what you chose the race with the best attribute for a specific class, instead choosing a race you wanted to play. So I will be adding special benefits that are irrelevant to the class to allow different combinations for better replayability. I also reduced the impact of the race on attribute score by using a D&D style attribute modifier, which means modifying only 2 attributes.

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