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Each character has 1 race that will define different properties mainly attributes. Any race can be chosen at character creation, here are the races:

FaerieFae59510105Psychic, Soul, Poison, Lightning, Ice, Fire???
Lizard ManLiz10610567Blood Stream, Poison???
DraconDra9710767Skin, Fire???

The information related to races are really simple. The 6 attributes indicate the starting value for each attribute. The attribute can be raise up to that value + 10, so a Human will never be able to have more than 19 of strength. The resistance and weakness is used to determine special resistances to magic and Status Effects. See resistance page for more information.

Future Development

It the future, I might add racial skills or passive abilities. For example, I could add the dracon breath, or allow fairies to recover more mana. It is also possible that I add immunities to maze effects (ex: Fizzle, Darkness, etc)

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