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Treasures and Reward

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Design Notes

  • Make an expedition in the maze a thing, give extra rewards at the end according to the accomplishment of the character. Maybe give extra XP or manual allow XP distribution. See D&D quest completion rewards.
  • Gems would have worked well as a double use function, like A) Sell for gold and B) allow enchantements of equipment. Unfortunately, they are really not essential to the rules of the game, so in order to keep things simple, they will be removed.
  • I am not sure if Gold drop should be logical to the creature theme. A slime is not likely to have gold, but could guard an area that has gold. Another solution is to rely on gems (like in Skyrim, animals eat gems) or only chest. The area has a chest that gives gold.


Adventuring the in the maze and defeating monsters will eventually give rewards to the players. Rewards can either be Experience points, gold or treasures like items and artifacts.

Creature Rewards

Experience points

Enemies will give an amount of experience point proportional to their level and their size. The experience is also not split between the characters, so having more characters in your party will not reduce the amount of experience each character receives. The formulas has been establed so that a character needs to defeat 20 average size enemies of his level to raise to the next level.

Monster size and exp rewards

SizeHP DieModifierExp per level
TinyD450%20 exp / level
SmallD675%30 exp / level
NormalD8100%40 exp / level
LargeD10125%50 exp / level
HugeD12150%60 exp / level
GiganticD20250%100 exp / level

Note: Gigantic is only used for 1 boss monster which is L'Kbreth


Enemies will also give gold coins. Not all enemies will be giving gold, only those who are expected to carry gold, like character enemies, or enemies made of gold (like creeping coins). This gold reward is independent from any treasure chest found after the battle.

Monsters will use either a D6, D12, D20 to calculate their gold, or drop nothing at all. In general, enemies will use D12. Roll 1 die for each level of the creature and that gives the reward. So if a level 5 creature use D12, you roll 5D12.


Some creatures might drop some gems. Gems are Items that can only be sold. They might be implemented later in the game since they are not currently essential. It's a way to make monster that would not give gold give a gold valued item.


Some creature could drop expendable items like potions, scrolls, etc. This feature will be implemented later as usable items are not available.

Treasure Chest

note:Treasure chest are currently not implemented. This should be the way they are expected to work

Some battles will "drop" treasure chest. When opening doors, a encounter check is made, and if a battle occurs, then there will be a chest at the end of the battle. This represent the idea that opening a door brings you in an area where a chest could be hanging around. This is completely independent from maze events that could contain chests. The combat chest never appear in the maze and they are completely random. This means that if the player abandon the chest, it cannot be recovered later.

Some treasure chest will be permanent in the maze. The rules below apply to those chest too unless the adventure has specified certain items to be found in the chest.

Chest have a size and that has various impact on the content. To know the size of a chest, roll 1D20 and use the value in the table below.

Size of the chest

RollOddsNameItemsGold Die
1-840%Small1 itemD4
9-1430%Medium2 itemsD8
15-1820%Large3 itemsD12
19-2010%Huge4 ItemsD20

Chest gold

Treasure chest always contains gold. The highest monster level determines the level of the chest which raises amount of gold. The size of the chest will determine the size of the dice rolled. The number of dice roll is equal to 3 times the level of the chest. So a medium size level 12 chest will contain 36d8 gold pieces.

Chest Item

The items found in chest are determined by their level. A chest can contain generated items that match the level of the chest, or they can contain artifacts (unique items) which has a level lower or equal to the level of the chest.

  • The maximum level of an item is always the level of the chest. (ex: level 12)
  • The item level will range between half and the max level. (ex: level 12 = 6-12)

The number of items a chest depends on it's size. Look at the chest size table above to know the number of items to check.

There is 25% chance that an item will be selected from a list of artifact if there is an artifact of the matching level in the list. Else, an item will be generated randomly.

Chest gems

Chest will also be capable of carrying gems which are currently not yet implemented. The number of gems is equal to the number of items in a chest of that size.

Chest Expendables

Chest could also drop expendable items like potions, scrolls, etc. This feature will be implemented later and those items does not count in the items above. The number of items is determined by the chest size.

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