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Soul and Revival

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Soul is a new concept designed to replace level draining abilities and determine the chances of success during character revival. Therefore, soul will be lost from undead special attacks or after a character revival.

Soul will range from 1 to 20. All characters starts with 20 soul points. There is no way to recover soul, so it's a kind of decay counter on the top of your character. If a character lose all it's soul points, it is deleted and cannot be revived. So losing soul has no immediate effect, but has long term consequences.

Reviving characters

In order to revive a character, from a spell or from the temple, a Devotion check must be made. That means rolling a D20 lower or equal to your devotion attribute. Natural failures can occur on 19-20. If it's a success, the character is revived and he loses 2 point of soul. Else nothing happens and you must pay 1 point of soul. If your soul reaches 0, the character is deleted.

Design notes

  • There is no more ashes status, the goal was to avoid having to update status while other stats changed. It made the implementation more simple and reduced the number of fields in the database. Instead, you will attempt reviving your character until all soul is depleted. It would at most be very expensive to revive a character.
  • I decided to use Devotion for making the check instead of the soul itself. Else, the more soul you lose, the less likely it is going to work. Now the odds are flat, it makes devotion more useful, and you have a min 10% chance failure no matter your attribute.


  • If there is a revival spell, maybe it cost double in soul depletion, but it only cost MP. So on the long run, it's a bad thing. And/Or it reduces the maximum HP/MP, so additional recovery will be required at home. Reviving successively in the same expedition might leave the character HP/MP too low especially if the loses are dramatic, like reducing by half at each revival.

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