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Soul and Revival

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The soul is a new concept first introduced to replace the level draining abilities. Considering losing levels was pretty neat and that it was impossible to keep track of previous HP levels, I decided to make undead drain soul instead of levels.

All characters start with a soul level of 100%. A small percentage of soul is recovered during each level up. If the character already has 100% soul, nothing happens. Some monsters, especially undeads, can drain the soul of a character.

Losing souls has no immediate effect, but could cause problems later. If a character reach a soul level of 0%, the character is deleted forever.

Revival:The soul level also determines the success of revival spells and services. For example, a character with a soul level of 70% have that percentage of chance to get revived. A failure will turn it into ashes, and a second failure will delete the character. So better keep your soul level high ... or your character alive.

Raising Soul: The temple will offer a soul raising service. The probability of success is the inversion of the soul level. For example, a character with 70% soul, has 30% chance to raise this soul. The soul level will either raise by 1 point, or by the number of points when raising level. There is 1% chance to make a critical failure when attempting to raise soul. Doing so will instantly kill the character. Good Luck reviving him.

Using spells like KADORTO does not increase the probability to revive a character, the odds stay the same as the city temple.

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