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Combat Turn Order

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This is the combat resolution procedure that will use most of the rolls detailed in the previous page. This procedure excludes the encounter resolution before the battle starts.

How initiative works

Each character and monster rolls 1D20 + the sum of character and equipment speed value. Then they are sorted from lowest to highest, this will be the turn order.

If the party was ambushed, the ambushed side adds 20 to the initiative of each of it's member.

All contestants, characters and monster, has a speed number which indicates when they will act. The contestants are sorted from lowest to highest. In case of ties, characters have priority over monsters. For example, this could be the speed value after rolling and sorting:


Afterward, to determine the next acting character, the speed value is reduced 1 for each character until one contestant reaches 0. So after 16 decrementations, the values will be:


Contestant with speed 0 will act, then a new speed will be calculated by adding add the speed modifiers of the character, equipment and the action just performed. If the sum was 32, the contestant would be placed again in line with that speed value resulting in:


Each contestant will resolve his turn this way. So they act, get placed on the initiative track, slide to the next contestant and repeat until the combat is over.

Turn resolution

When it's the time for a character to act, the player can chose the action he will perform. The action will sometimes perform immediately, or when the character will be ready again. For example, some spells are slower to activate so they will trigger at the end.

The resolution of the action depends on the action itself. For example, attacking would require selecting a valid target, making some rolls, etc. Refer to the action list to know what can be done.

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