A remake of the classic Wizardry video games

Copyright Eric Pietrocupo

E-Mail: ericp@lariennalibrary.com

Wizardry Legacy

WL Adventures


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The sources are now available on gitlab. It's now much more easier (for people who have development tools installed) to just clone the project and build the program. It will also give you the most up to date version of the program. The repository can be found here:


Binary Releases

Version 0.6

Wizardry Legacy 0.6 build on Windows 7 32 bit (14 meg)

Version 0.5

Wizardry Legacy 0.5 for Linux Debian 32 bit (14 meg )
Wizardry Legacy 0.5 for Linux Debian 64 bit (13 Meg )
Wizardry Legacy 0.5 for Windows XP 32 bit or Better (14.5 meg )
Wizardry Legacy 0.5 source code (500 K )

Version 0.4

Wizardry Legacy 0.4 for Linux Debian 32 bit ( 14 Meg )
Wizardry Legacy 0.4 for Linux Mint 64 bit (14 Megs)
Wizardry Legacy 0.4 for Windows XP or more ( 15 Megs)
Wizardry Legacy 0.4 Source Code (500K)

Version 0.3

Wizardry Legacy 0.3 for Linux(5.2 Meg)
Wizardry Legacy 0.3 for Windows (5.2 Meg)
Wizardry Legacy 0.3 Source Code (412 Kb)

Version 0.2

Wizardry Legacy 0.2.1 for Linux(3.8 Meg)
Wizardry Legacy 0.2 for Windows (4.8 Meg)
Wizardry Legacy 0.2 Source Code (321 Kb)

Version 0.1.6

This is the older version of the game made 8 years before the new releases. The files can be found in the archives:


Alternate Download Site

If for some reasons, the links does not work or are missing, you can always download the files from allegro.cc. Note that those files might not be up to date.


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