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This page contains all the screen shots of the game ordered by version of the game.

Version 0.5

Active Effects: Characters can now have Active Effects. This screen list all the effect currently applied to a character. In this case they are mostly status effects.
Enchanted Items: You can see in this shop variations of the basic weaponry. It includes elemental weapons and altered in size. Usable items are not yet available.
Spells: Magic is one of the biggest addition to this release. You can see in the picture the spell reading screen of a mage that list the spell's information in detail.
Temple: Since status effects are now available, it was logical to make the temple cure them. You can also see the new Kaomoji system in the party bar. It's relatively limited, but it's an easy way to show status condition in the party bar. Emoicons will be used in the party frame later.

Version 0.4

Combat Screen: On this screen, we can see the new party frame that display character portraits and HP/MP bars if the screen layout is larger. The monster pictures are also anti-aliassed using a new library. So they will look less pixelised. Finally, one of the monster displayed is not identified.
Adventure Editor: This is the adventure editing module when you can basically build up the maze, texture sets and hook up events.
Gallery: This is a sample of the gallery. We can see here that monsters from wizardry 2 and 3 has been extracted. All the datafiles has been redone with the new scripting system and the gallery shows most of those files. But most importantly, the interface you see is an image list that allow browsing pictures. Very useful for the editor to select texture or in the game to select portraits.
Events: Events has been reimplemented and they are now loaded from the database. The displayed event is triggered by using the new search command from the camp menu.
Texture Editor: Textures are now built of texture parts instead of beign directly used in the maze. It gives much more flexibility. This is a shot of the texture editor used to build up those textures.
Full Map: This is a shot from the editor that show you the complete map of the whole floor by setting each area of the floor in various colors. A similar map is also used during the game as an automap that draw itself as the players explore. An important detail is that it does not show the wall configuration. So players will still need to use DUMAPIC to get all the details.
Maze Entrances: The maze now support multiple entrances. Those entrances are either unlocked during the game to give shortcut to the players. Or they could be used to enter different location right from the start of the game. There is still only 1 map, so the multiple locations will appear on the same map.

Version 0.3 exclusively

Character Inspection: On this screen shot, you can now see the new stat matrix that compiles character information from various sources.
Combat: A shot of the combat screen with the use of the new translucent windows to make sure they do not cover too much of the screen.

A mix of version 0.2 and 0.3

Game Selection Screen: Players create games by selecting their adventure and their difficulty settings. This is the screen to select which game you want to play.
Shops: This is where players can shop equipment. You can see the stats of the selected item at the bottom of the screen.
Character Inspection: This screen show all the details of the characters including attributes, HP/MP, Equiped items and special resistances.
Maze Picture: This is an example of various decoration possibilities. There is a masked texture on the wall, on the floor and there are objects inside the room. The new data structure will allow to have even more features.
Facing Objects: Wizardry reuse pictures from Hexen/Heretic and also the concept that objects are always facing the player, so there is no need to have multiple copies of the same object according to it's facing.
Title Screen: The title screen, not much to say about it besides that the dragon in the background is randomly which is kind of cool.
City: A glimpse of the cascading city menu with the party bar displayed at the bottom.
Camping in the Maze: This picture shows the content of the camp menu and a part of the maze is displayed in the background.

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