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News: Restarting to Program

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The coding frenzy has started again and I decided to put some time programming again. It's hard to get in the right mental state to code. What's now interesting is that I am actually programming new features that were not made before. I am not sure how long I will keep going, got tons of other things to do, but right now it's coding wizardry.

I have implemented the combat system. The action management and monster zapping works. You can see a glimpse of the stat matrix because now the information gets compiled and shown in the character inspection screen. Still, all basic commands like attack and parry are not yet available. The enemies are also alway 3 orcs and they don't fight back.

I am not sure if I will implement every thing including weapon special effects, special attacks, character skills, etc. I might sticks to the basic to make the game progress in other areas. Still, I am trying to make sure the priority is put on the mechanical aspect of the game rather than the aesthetics to make sure I get a playable game as soon as possible.

There could be a lot of data editing to do if I ever get bored of programming. First, designing the 55 monsters from wizardry 1 (it exclude character enemies) will be important to have a random variety of monsters. The spell selection for each sphere if magic is also done, I only need to convert it as computer data which could be another thing to do.

So this is the status of the project so far. I cannot say when the next release will be done, probably after the frenzy ends, so maybe in a couple of months.

Enjoy and have fun!

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