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News: Version 0.3 is now available

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There is now a new version of Wizardry Legacy. I does not progress very fast, but at least it progress forward. The new features could be summarized as:

  • There is now a stat matrix to compile all the characters and monster stats from various equipment, attribute and class to make the characters ready for battle.
  • The combat and action system works. You can now encounter a limited set of monster and fight them. Monster will fight back, so beware. Make sure you have at least a weapon before entering the maze.
  • Monsters gives rewards in gold and experience and characters can now level up at the city. So in theory, the game is playable ... if you have a party of fighters.
  • Translucent windows. The is now a possibility to use translucent windows in the maze to prevent having a window blocking the view. It does not work in textured mode.

I was thinking of implementing everything related to the rules of the game, but I think that was simply too much. So I focused on making the stat matrix and the action system to be able to implement the combat system. Now that the combat works, it will be much easier to add features like spells and special attacks later. By the ways, the spell selection is complete, just need to implement it.

For the next version, in order to change my mind a bit, I will work on the maze system. I will upgrade the maze to the new structure to increase the capabilities of the maze and I will rebuild all texture datafiles from hexen and heretic to now have a good selection of textures.

This also implies that I will be working on the map editor in order to test easily if the new feature works. So you might now get a new adventure, maybe a playable one, in the next release. Which would make the game "playable" if you have a party of fighters. That could still be awesome. We will see.

Enjoy and have fun!

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