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News: Working on the Editor and taking a break

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I started to work on the editor. I can now do maze layouts using various tools like the corridor and rectangle tool. Not only editing the layout of the maze is easy but it is somewhat addictive. Still, I think most of the time will be placed on making the maze beautiful and making sure the maze events are working accurately.

I also made an image selection window, this will allow me to make the texture palette editor which is another essential tool since you cannot easily edit texture with database entries. Good news regarding textures, I will be able to use a free set of texture from an online website. Those texture will be shrunk to 256x256 and now the maze engine support that resolution of textures. Hexen textures which are 128x128 will have to be zoomed x 2 in the editor. Still, I intend to eventually add smoothing routines in the game to make sure I can unpixel a bit lower res textures.

I should be doing more board game design in the time to come, but it is possible that I add some documentation on how the editor works since the features so far works correctly and I don't think I am going to change them soon.

Else for the maze, I added thick walls on the side which I forgot to do previously. For open sky roof, I was working on making a better horizon line to avoid the big black horizon. So probably I'll make the lighting fade to gray and draw extra floor tiles to simulate the horizon fading to fog.

Also, I have redefined the maze structure and I am now using the enhanced version. The only thing I did not re-implement so far is the maze objects. They are temporarily deactivated. One of the reason is because they are not going to be drawn the same way since they will not be forced to be placed inside a 128x128 bitmap. That would allow some objects like trees to exceed the limit of the roof.

Everything looks cool so far, so be patient until the next release.

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