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News: Wizardrying at, almost, full spin.

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A few weaks ago, I started to program again Wizardry Legacy. Due to my emergency moving, most of my board games are packed and I have less space to work on BG, so programming on my netbook is actually convenient (Because my new Laptop fan went down, yes what a lucky year start).

So what is new so far:

  • Monsters:I screened shot all the monsters in all 3 first wizardry games. They are now all available for view in the Gallery. I have not yet insterted their data in the database yet. I also need to define the unidentified creatures and how the humanoid ennemies (Characters) are going to be implemented.
  • Events: Basics events are implemented and they work. You can find documentation about it in the development information section. New pages will be added to the editing section to indicates how to use them in the editor and dress up a list of the events. Right now, the creation of events is not managed in the editor. You first design your events in the database, then you link them with the editor in the maze. The good news is that events can be reused. For example, the same elevator event can be used for all the floors. Same thing if you want to setup pits in multiple places, you only need 1 event in the database.
  • Editor: The editor is partially working. I can edit mazes, load and save adventures, hook up events into the maze, set fillings, etc. The most important missing thing is the texture editor. That would be a large chunk to implements. But once that is done, everything else are accessories, esthetics and usability which is not a priority right now. I want something that work to be able to design adventures for playing or debugging.
  • Adventure: The new adventure file format is active. I stripped almost everything except the maze and the datafile. I might add the pictures for the intro and the ending to re-enable those feature. The game will come with a demo adventure called "The Wizardry Parable" which is a parody of the "Stanley Parable". The goal would be to show people the capabilities of the game and to have an example of how to design a maze. Else I might make a small 3 level adventure to ship the game with a playable adventure. Even if only fighting classes are usefull right now, it does not mean that people cannot have fun.

To know what still needs to be done, see the road map in the development information section. Else I might be hunting for art, icons, textures and sounds that I could include in the game. I Might do this when tired of programming.

Enjoy and have fun!
Eric P626

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