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News: Wizardry Legacy 0.4 is here!

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I have just finished and released version 0.4 of Wizardry Legacy. here is a list of the main features, for the details look at the development info section. This release focus more on the technical aspects of the game.

  • Editor: You can now draw maze, save and load them.
  • Adventure: The new adventure system has been designed with scripts to create them.
  • Maze: The new structure for the maze is used allowing more capabilities with the same space. Maps are now selfdrawn when walking in the maze.
  • Texture: There is now a texture palettes allowing to build up various textures out of texture parts.
  • Event: The event system has been redesigned. Much more flexible and now include the searching command.
  • Party Frame: The first draft of the party frame is done. Icons needs to be added to the display which are currently missing.
  • Encounters: There are now predefined parties of monsters that are used for determining encounter when walking in the maze. Also includes unidentified creatures.
  • Datafiles: All the datafiles has been rebuilt and they are now script generated and managed differently inside the game. I also included the Digimid instrument for those who the MIDI does not work.
  • Anti-Aliassing: Added a picture smothing library to make creatures and maze objects less pixelised.

As you can see, there is a lot of small stuff in this release. Hope you enjoy the game. It now includes a demo adventure that can be completed. Not very challenging but if will give you a tour of the game. I gave some thoughts for designing some adventures but they are not ready yet.

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