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News: Planning for another coding session

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I am planning to start programming again soon for the 2015 release. Now that I took a definitive break at board game design I might put more time one Wizardry Legacy to finish it more rapidly to move to something else like maybe java programming. The wizardry project will never end, but once the game will be completely playable, only a few features needs to be added once a while.

This time, the focus will be more on the rules of the game. Not sure I am going to implement everything, but I will work around the active effect system which includes status effects, monster special attacks, spells, item effects, etc. For that it will require many tables which forces me to enchance the SQLobject class to make the creation of new table easier.

Once the coding is over, I might try working on my first adventure so that people have something to play. I have an adventure sketch which should not be too big. This will also help me determine what is important to work on for the next release.

If everything works well, I expect a next release in the beginning of 2015.

I was wondering if I should continue working on this project and not simply jump already into java programming. I think I am not just ready do to the jump, so rather work on something that I know which will minimise the learning curve. Anyways, even if I do jump into java programming, I intend to work more on a library/framework which in the end will not produce something playable. So even if wizardry does not get played, it is still much more rewarding to work on something that can be played in the end than working on an engine.

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