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News: A new release for Wizardry Legacy

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New version of Wizardry Legacy that focus more on game play this time. Here are the main new features:

Spells and Special attacks: Characters spells and monster special attacks has been implemented (In fact special attacks are disguised spells). Not all monsters has their special attacks input in the database, but the code behind works. Around 95% of the character spells works. What is missing is some special unique spells especially utility spells. But some utility spells like DUMAPIC, MALKAMA and LOKTOFEIT works.

Active effects: Spells required the use of active effects since it was required for enchantments. But that also means that status effects like poison and paralysed are also implemented. Unfortunately, irregular conditions are not implemented yet. This forced the need to make temple work for curing and reviving characters.

New Weapons and Item Enhancements: A new set of 12 weapons has been made, split in 6 profiencies. Classes now have profiencies that determines which weapon they can equip. All items can also have elemental property or other magical modification. There can also be a "short" and "great" variation of the basic weapons giving a huge variety of effects. Usable items are still not working.

SQL enhancement and StringFields: These are more internal upgrades. The data objects does not need any variables anymore. In fact there is a table holding all the SQl field information that will allow data object to read and write theselves from the database. This makes modification eaiser and reduce the risk of errors. The new stringfield has also been used instead of bit field. It use a 3 character code to setup a flag instead of using binary numbers. Which makes it easier to read by humans. It could help for adventure editing.

Rule Tweak: Weapons and spells now give a chance to their victim to defend them selves. It makes it easier to allow certain spells or weapon to bypass certain type of defenses. It also allow the possibility to the defender to only use half it's regular defense value. Initiative now use D10 to give an advantage to attribute modifiers. Class initiative modifier has been removed to be applied to the action instead.

As you can see, there are many new features, but some of them are not entirely complete or could be buggy in certain situation. Like you can cast DUMAPIC in the city, which is pointless.

What should you expect in the next release? I am not quite sure. I think designing an adventure could be something important. I might need to code a few things to make adventure works well, but I should not need to do that much code. Else there is still a lot of data editing lime monster special attack and I can do in leftover time.

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