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News: Version 0.6 is here! ... with not much new features!?

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Wizardry Legacy 0.6 is released, but there is very little features. The reason why I started to make some fix to the editor and then started to prepare the code to be uploaded on the Gitlab server. So I had to fix a lot of issues like the replacement of the textout methods in allegro since they are obsolete. I also activated all warnings and had to fix a lot of bugs (or create new ones). I Don't know why I did not do this before.

I also had to work on making a cmake script to make the compilation of the project works flawlessly on any machine making it more portable. I added some automation process, implemented continuous integration on gitlab, etc. Since I wanted to start fresh new, I decided to make a binary release. Now it's only windows since I recommend to linux user to build from the source. It could work on MacOS, but did not test it.

What the hell is Gitlab

It's an open source web platform built on the top of Git which is a version control system that allows keeping track of the progress history of a project. It's also possible to manage multiple branch history, like having a bugfix and a new development branch.

But gitlab adds much more than just version control. It allows managing developers and make it easy to contribute. It also manage issues, milestone, bug reports, etc. So you can somehow follow the development of the project there. So even if you are not a programmer, you might end up using gitlab to report bugs for example.

What's next

The next step will be to put my road map and the features I want on gitlab and do my follow up there instead of on this website.

It has been a while since I worked on this project, I am not sure sure of what I need to code. I might try building my first adventure (I already have some maze drawn on paper). While I design the adventure I could code the missing features I need to implement for the adventure.

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