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News: Initial version of Mapper released

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I finished the first version of the mapper 3D maze engine. The engine has been rebuilt as a stand alone project to be reused if many other projects. It now uses real 3D polygon projections, but it only has support for simple wall mazes. So lot of features remains to implement.

One interesting feature is to extend the size of the projection room allowing you to see much further than the old engine which used pre-calculated wall positions. Here is a screen shot of the projection room with vision up to 127 tiles away. The center corridor and the right angle, seems to extend to infinity.

Else I am still not sure if I will go commercial or if I'll just finish Wizardry Legacy. The survey results so far indicated there was an interest for a new game. I am just not sure if I'll have enough energy to go through the whole project.

Also, RPG are more demanding in matter of assets since it requires adventures: story, character, dialogs, maps, etc. Those are things that most strategy games does not requires. If I want the game to be more strategic, it's also more complicated to make a balanced game.

So this is why for now, I am working on small sub projects I could integrate later in a commercial game, or in Wizardry Legacy.

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